At the Travelling Bee Company we pride ourselves on our ethical practices when it comes to beekeeping. All our colonies are homed in the highest quality hives across all our apiaries. We never over-farm our bees and take only the honey they can spare, never feeding them sugar syrups.

As a society we’ve all become very conscious of the current challenges facing all species of bees in the modern world, from harsh farming methods, insecticides, climate change, disease and parasites. As a result there are very few wild honeybee colonies around and even less of the other 270 different species of bees. With this knowledge it is up to us all to help reverse the damage caused through positive change.

So what exactly goes on under the roof of a beehive? Well, as you might know, a beehive consists of many worker bees (girls), not so many drones (boys) and the all-important Queen bee. When the Queen is in full flow she can lay as many as 3,000 eggs every single day! The worker bees take up a host of roles from cleaning duties, to guard duty to foraging for that sweet nectar, they do all of these tasks depending on what stage they’re at in their life cycle and the time of year.

Throughout the beekeeping season we regularly post videos and pictures of our experiences while out and about to help show people what it really is like in the day and life of a beekeeper.

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