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Happy bees make the best honey. That’s why we bundle our busy bees into our Bee-mobiles and travel the North East of England and Scotland - and often further afield to Europe and beyond - setting up apiaries to give them access to the widest variety of flowers and trees in every season, infusing our honey with the most deliciously diverse individual flavours.

When it comes to quality and taste, you’ll find our honey travels well.

Each range of honey we produce is constantly changing and unique, its flavour influenced by the flowers our bees visit, and the growing season. Choose from organic, soft set and honey with walnuts to Honey Bee Pollen, Bee Bread and Propolis tincture which is rich in essential oils.

In addition to our delicious honeys, we also offer an inspiring range of the finest honey-based products; from lip balms, hand balms and soap to solid perfumes, candles and gift hampers (and even bee hives!).

When it comes to pampering yourself or treating your friends, you’ll find our honey makes every gift extra special.

We believe in bee power!

Mark, our founder and head beekeeper, grew up with a keen interest in all aspects of wildlife and the environment and is an expert in all things ‘bee’. Our colonies are housed in quality hives located in premier locations which deliver the highest quality nectar and pollen so we can bring you the very finest handmade honeys and honey-based products which not only taste great, but make you feel great too.

We're also committed to actively reducing the demise of the honeybee population and deliver educational community workshops - in just over a year we have introduced almost 5 million additional bees into the environment!

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