The Travelling Bee Company is a family run business that specialises in producing award winning raw, natural and unprocessed honeys.

We began beekeeping within the urban fringes of Tyne and Wear, eventually growing and locating our bees across North East England, West Coast Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway.

What really drives us is that we care about bees, it’s that simple really. That’s why all of our bees are homed in quality hives. From hive to jar we only employ the most ethical practices and production methods.

So what’s the “travelling” bit all about? Well, we move our beehives regularly, giving our colonies the best possible opportunity to obtain the highest quality nectar and pollen from various flora, this in turn allows our bees to create the highest quality honey. Our name also reflects our passion for honeys across the world as we always try to bring our favourite picks to your doorstep in our Guest Honey range. All our balms, soaps and gift sets contain our honey.

We know that you will love them!