The Travelling Bee Company aims to add an educational element in the hope that you might want to follow the progress of our bee hives and support local producers and beekeeping.

We have a full list of ingredients (including source) and the health and therapeutic values associated to them. Most importantly of all, we are actively helping to reduce the demise of the honeybee population. All of our bees are homed in quality hives in beautiful locations giving you the benefits of their skills in obtaining the highest quality natural nectar and pollen.

Mark is our main beekeeper and grew up with a great interest in all aspects of wildlife and the environment. He developed a practical knowledge of the countryside and beekeeping and went on to study insects at University.

We first started beekeeping in the urban fringes of the counties of Tyne and Wear and Northumberland and then located hives to Scotland in the beautiful county of Argyll and Bute to take advantage of the natural, wild heather. More recently we are very proud to have been able to introduce some luxury guest honeys that pass our strict tasting and production criteria.

We know that you will love them!